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Check out these new gadgets!

With many different uses, these portable LED A-Frames can direct people & traffic, show advertisements & other information, and engage your audience like never before! Uses limited only by your creativity!


Loaded with features like:

*Light Sensor - Automatically brightens and darkens the screen based on ambient daylight. 

*Speakers allow you to use sound with your ads & videos, increasing the level of engagement.

*Ability to blast emergency messages such as weather or Amber alerts in seconds!

*Customizable for one-sided or two-sided display!

*This is just the beginning!

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4G LTE built in!

Say goodbye to WiFi and network cables! Thanks to the onboard Verizon LTE card, our signs are always connected to our cloud-based publishing & monitoring services.  This means you can remotely update our A-Frames from anywhere!  Or we can do it for you.  There is no WiFi to worry about and no network cables to hide.  You just need Verizon cellular service in your area and you're all set!

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Our Beta Test proves our A-frames increase sales. Click the photo to read about it. 
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