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Limited Warranty

What is covered?

This limited warranty covers the sign and electronic components from manufacturer defects and failures. Parts covered include but are not limited to power supplies, LED modules*, fans, circuit boards, processors, cabling, LED drivers, and LED lighting inside the sign.  Any electrical part from the point of your service demarcation inside the sign structure and beyond is covered.

*This limited warranty covers the LED modules from pixel faults (dead/broken pixels) at a rate of two percent (2%).  When the number of dead pixels in the module reaches a level of two percent (2%) of the total number of pixels in the LED module, the module will be changed.


What is not covered?

This limited warranty does not cover any damage caused by the owner, including but not limited to modifying, attempting to fix, or otherwise altering the product.


This limited warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, rust damage, or painted surfaces of the sign and structure from fading.  


This limited warranty does not cover software or data loss during repair of the sign.


This limited warranty does not cover damage from excess causes, such as power fluctuations, failure, lightning, acts of third parties, natural disasters, or acts of god.


This limited warranty does not cover obsolescence. 


This limited warranty does not cover damage caused by use that was not intended for the specific product purchased.


How long does this coverage last?

This warranty lasts for five (5) years on parts and two (2) years on labor from the date of training or the date of installation, whichever is later.  Any part that is replaced under this warranty will be warranted free from defects for the remaining duration of the original warranty effective date.  This warranty is only effective between Shawnee Services, LLC d/b/a Shawnee LED and the original purchaser of the product.  This warranty is non-transferrable.


No Other Express Warranty Applies

This warranty is the sole and exclusive warranty.  No employee, agent, dealer, or other person is authorized to alter this warranty or make any other warranty on behalf of Shawnee Services LLC.  


How to Initiate a Claim

A warranty claim may be initiated by contacting Shawnee Services, LLC d/b/a Shawnee LED at 618-987-2006.  Based on review of the claim, any repair, replacement, or refund of the actual purchase price will be within the sole discretion of Shawnee Services, LLC d/b/a Shawnee LED.

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