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Do you have standard sizes for your permanent signs?

We are in the process of developing 5 standard size packages. 

What types of signs do you rent?

Our biggest demand is for the portable A-frames and large video boards. Looking for something different? Don't hesitate to ask!

What are digital signs designed to be used for?

The types of uses for our signs is limited only by your imagination. We have customers who use their sign for basic business info, specials and sales, recognition, etc. Have an idea? We can help you bring it to light.

How do you manage the content that displays on a sign?

Content can be managed in one of 3 ways: in house on a computer linked to the sign, via a web-based application that can be managed from any computer, or by us. The choice is yours.

What is the difference between 4mil, 6mil, 8mil, etc?

'Mil' is the number of millimeters between each pixel. Therefore, a 4mil sign has a better image than a 10mil sign because the pixels are closer together.

What if we have a need for a sign that is different that what we see on your website?

We will be happy to work with you to bring your vision to life. We can build any sign to order, which sets us apart from our competition. You dream it. We will build it!

Can we install the sign ourselves and save on the installation?

Of course! We find that many companies, especially churches, have local people that they want to use to install. We can provide specifications and exact instructions for you to DIY your installation if you choose. 

Who does repairs on the sign if needed?

We provide detailed assistance to walk you through basic repairs. If that is not an option, we have a network of repair companies that do repairs across the country.

Do your digital signs have a warranty?

All video boards come with a 2 year factory limited warranty.

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