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L.E.D Module System vs. Projector System

LED walls are becoming the new standard for home and commercial video systems. LED technology gives you a clearer and brighter picture than projector systems at a much more economical price!

LED systems are measured in "nit" while projector systems are measure in "lux". It takes 3.4 lux to equal 1 nit. That means an LED system is much brighter than a projector system!

LED walls don't lose their intensity as time passes! projector systems can lose up to 30% of brightness within the first year! LED Replacement modules cost much less the projector replacement bulbs. The average life span of a projector bulb at 100% brightness is up to 5 years, while the LED module at 100% brightness will last up to 12 years! You can turn the led module brightness down to 70-75% and get even more years of use out of your led module

LED module systems are up to 25% less cost than an equivalent projector system! maintenance on a led module system is much more economical to maintain than an equivalent projector system! LED Module replacements are around 100$ per module, while projector bulbs can cost up to 4,500$ and light engines for projector systems can cost up to 6,500$. led module systems uses less than half the amount of electricity than an equivalent projector system, which saves you money year after year!

LEd module systems can be used outside in sunlight as well as a well lit rooms. LEd module systems perform beautifully in dark settings as well! Projector systems do not perform well in sunlight or well lit rooms. Led module systems can be configured to many different sizes and can easily be moved from one location to another. Projector systems are much more difficult to move to multiple locations and are limited to the size of the projection screen. if an led module goes bad or has issues you just replace it! when a projector system fails, it could be a mountain of issues. when it comes to your starting purchase to your years of use and maintenance, the LED module systems prove to be the smartest choice for your home or commercial video needs!

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