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A-frame Beta Test Produces Massive Results

It’s no secret! We LOVE our A-frames! We think they are the best thing since cellphones lost their flip! The versatility in delivering a digital message that can be programmed in advance, or updated on the go, makes them unique in a world that is saturated with marketing messages.

Statistics show that in an average day a person sees over 5,000 marketing messages. That makes marketing challenging. Drop that marketing message into an environment where hundreds of vendors are competing for the attention of tens of thousands of people and you can find out pretty quickly if your message measures up.

ShawneeLED had the opportunity to Beta Test their A-frame digital sign with a highly-successful, 35 year old company named Kings Food Service out of Herrin, IL. Owner Frank King shared with our own Billy Wyatt that the hardest sale is one where no information about pricing is shared ahead of time.

Most people take time to study a menu of items and prices before making a purchase. Eliminate the menu and a challenge is born. What kind of sales could you make if you just showed animated images of concession items set to music with no pricing? What if those animated images didn’t even appear on the menu at the Concession trailer? Could you sell those items? We wanted to find out!

Kings Food Service set one of our A-frames on the street in front of one of the Concession Trailers at Indiana State Fair. The A-frame advertised several items like Frozen Hot Chocolate and Cotton Candy Shake, but the menu on the Concession Trailer did not include these items. Customers literally had to ask, “Do you sell Frozen Hot Chocolate here?”

What did the test show? Can a digital sign sell items without traditional sales methods? Why yes, IT CAN! During a 16 day fair, Kings Food Service sold over $6000 in concession items that were only advertised on the A-frame proving what we at ShawneeLED already knew! Our A-frames attract massive attention!

Whether you are advertising items for sale, directing foot traffic at a large-scale event, sharing emergency alerts messages, providing schedule updates or informing the crowd of COVID-19 requirements, A-frames from ShawneeLED will make your job much easier.

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