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LED Boards Enhance Graduations Ceremonies

This time of year, ShawneeLED has multiple crews racking up thousands of miles delivering and setting up large LED boards for graduations. When you have a large venue, an LED board allows you to provide a ‘birdseye view’ for everyone in attendance by using a camera feed directed to the board. Names of graduates, scholarships, awards and other important information becomes a lasting memory as those words appear on screen alongside photos and video.

Have you ever been to a concert and found yourself watching the video screen instead of the live performer? Of course you have! We all have! When you are interested in what you are seeing, you want the largest image possible. LED boards do that!

You may hear the term LED sign, LED board or LED wall, but the LED part is all the same. It is simply the size of the board that causes the difference in terms. Another difference that is sometimes noticeable is the space between the pixels that make up the sign. You might hear the term 10 mil, 8 mil, 6 mil, 3 mil, etc. A 10 mil sign has 10 millimeters between the pixels, where a 3 mil sign has 3 millimeters between the pixels. Thus a 3 mil sign has a better image than a 10 mil sign.

What challenge do you have in communicating to your patrons? Would a temporary or permanent LED board solve that challenge? We offer sign sales and rentals all over the United States. We would love to discuss options to solve your communication needs. Contact us today!

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