Why choose L.E.D walls over high-end projectors?

What are the benefits to using L.E.D over projection?

What are the cost saving and benefits to using L.E.D?

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L.E.D Video Wall Solutions

     For Every Application


We provide custom video board and video

wall solutions for churches, worship centers, major in-door events, In-door and

out-door concerts. We also provide churches 

with In-door and out-door information boards with your church name and changeable graphics, videos and messages!


We can provide your school with an in-door

or out-door information board capable of 

customized logos, graphics, and videos. We can also provide you with in-door and out-door mulit-purpose sports score boards that can be used for any in-door or out-door sport!

We can provide your business with an in-door or out-door video board with your business logo as  well as custom messages, logos, graphics, and videos!

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